Eco-Friendly Bike Chain Degreaser

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This award winning Clean Chain Ecological Degreaser Gel for bikes is Green Oil's revolutionary degreasing gel. A blend of 100% natural ingredients, it uses the power of nature to clean your bike chain.

With Clean Chain Ecological Degreaser Gel you can degrease your chain without taking it off the bike, the perfect eco-way to clean your bike chain.

"SAP says, sustainability advisory panel says" "This product avoids all the petrochemical gunk you'd normally expect in a lubricant. If fact, these guys have thought through every detail - they've side-stepped palm oil and teflon, they've used 100% recycled packaging, they even use recycled paper packing tape in their distribution. We're impressed!"

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11/12/2009 13:58

I like it when a company comes to market with a product I'd not thought of. This is your classic one positive step forward type of product - the sort of thing that reduces your environmental impact when you thought that by cycling, you were already as green as you could be. Well now you can be greener.

The satisfyingly uncoated recycled paper label informs you that these products contain no palm oil, no petrochemicals and no telfon. Oh my word, it had not occured to me that these unthinkable no-no's were lurking in my bike products. Palm oil, a well-known contributor to deforestation, is under scrutiny by the Sustainability Advisory Panel, petrochemicals speak (badly) for themselves and chemicals found in teflon have been shown to bioaccumulate in humans. Glad to be avoiding those then.

On top of this, they 've all worked well so far.

- Matt, Sustainability Panel Member
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