Wattson Wireless Energy Monitor

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The stylish Wattson Wireless Energy Monitor shows you how much energy your home is using at any given time.  It will show you in watts or in pounds and will also show you in colour changing lights.

Wattson works with any type of UK domestic electricity meter (240V/415V, single or 3 phase).

The Wattson has been reviewed on The Gadget Show.

SAP says, Sustainability Advisory Panel" We like this energy monitor a lot. It helps you keep track of how much electrical energy you are using - real time, either in watts, or in what that costs! These monitors definitely help you reduce your electricity bills, and reduce the accompanying impact on climate change. They even look good on a coffee table, and can prompt good healthy eco conversations with friends."

SAP approved
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11/12/2009 09:41
I purchased the Wattson Energy Monitor because I wanted to understand how much electricity I was using. I would then be able to change my habits and reduce the amount I use, therefore saving money.

I chose the Wattson not only for it's easy functionality, but also because it would be something I would be happy to have out on display and in permanent sight. (Lots of my friends now want one!)

It is so simple to use and set up and you can immediately see how much energy each appliance or set of lights uses. It is rather scary at first as you begin to understand how much energy those small appliances actually use.

The screen information and colour display tells you immediately if you are using too much energy - blue for low energy use, purple for medium and red for high energy use - so easy!

Has it helped? Absolutely! I wouldn't be without it now. Just using the colours reminds you to check what has been left on. I fully expect to have reduced my energy bills - I am awaiting the news! I have also downloaded the software package that goes with it called "Holmes" and it is educating me even further.
- Karen, Surrey
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