Environmental Policy

An ethical eco-business
Green Rewards has a distinctive green purpose – we want to stimulate and reward greener behaviour.  We are not a charity or a government agency and like any company we have to ensure that our business is commercially viable and provides a return for our shareholders.  However we aim to operate in a way that is ethical and to ensure, as far as possible, that our business activities have a positive impact on the environment. We are pleased to describe our company as an ethical eco-business.
Stimulating and rewarding greener behaviour
Green Rewards aims to stimulate and reward greener behaviour through the following four main activity areas:-

a) Green shopping
We are aiming to make consumers aware of the broad range of innovative, stylish and desirable green products, services, experiences and charity gifts that are available and to encourage consumers to move their shopping onto a greener path.  We are sourcing a unique and extensive green collection that has been selected and vetted by our team and approved by our Sustainability Advisory Panel.  We are making this green collection available for purchase through the our website - we will seek to extend and refresh our product range, particularly in the field of energy efficiency.
We recognize that many consumers will not easily change their shopping habits and through our extensive affiliate network people are able to purchase from a broad range of high street, specialty stores and on-line retailers, however we expect over time that consumers will switch their shopping habit to our Green Shop as they become more aware of what is available.  We have excluded from this network any company that we feel to be incompatible with our positioning as an ethical eco-business - we will keep this continually under review.
b) Green loyalty
We are aiming to provide a loyalty programme that individuals can join, by becoming members of Green Rewards, and earn Green Points that can only be redeemed against products, services, experiences and charity gifts that are genuinely green (ie they are ecologically-based, and either have a positive impact on the environment or any impact they do have has been minimized by our redemption partners).  These redemption offerings are all the items available in our Green Shop (see above).  The founders of Green Rewards felt strongly that it does not make sense with the onset of global warming to be rewarding customers with flights and other incentives that are damaging to our planet and that there is an urgent need to provide customers with a green loyalty solution.
Our members are able to earn Green Points on all purchases made through our Green Shop which we believe will really stimulate people to move their shopping onto a greener path. Our members are also able to earn Green Points on all purchases made through our affiliate network as we are aware of the challenge we face in shifting consumer behaviour onto a greener path and we want to offer people the opportunity to earn Green Points in their everyday lives and believe that as members start to transact in our programme and become aware of the range and quality of green offerings available that they will increasingly shop through our Green Shop.
Our members are also able to earn Green Points with selected organizations that want to use our green loyalty programme as an incentive to stimulate greener behaviour (see Green incentives below).
Finally, we may wish to partner with certain organizations in the future and enable them to adopt our green loyalty programme as their own loyalty scheme, providing another earning opportunity for our members.  We will ensure that any organization wishing to partner with us in this way meets certain environmental criteria which we are currently developing with our Sustainability Advisory Panel.
c) Green incentives
As a company we recognize that everyone can do their bit for the planet and it is the collective actions of millions of ordinary people, combined with government action, that will make all the difference in the fight against global warming.  We will engage in discussion with a number of organizations to see how our Green Points can be used to incentivise and reward aspects of greener behaviour (ie walking or cycling to work and school, recycling, switching to renewable energy, taking holidays by train).
d)  Green awareness and community
Our aim is to use our website and our loyalty programme to increase public awarness of green issues and to help to build up a community of individuals and organizations that are committed to taking positive action on the environment.  We are doing this through the provision of green news, information and entertainment as well as running surveys and in the future, enabling blogs and more dialogue.  The tone of our communications aims to be fun and engaging and to avoid “directing” as we want to bring as many people as possible to positively engage into our Green Rewards community. 
Minimising the environmental impact of our own in-house activities
As a company we want to minimise the environmental impact of activities carried out by our staff and our suppliers, and we are committed to the actions outlined below:
We have set up an independent panel of eco-experts, the Sustainability Advisory Panel, to advise us on how to meet the highest standards of sustainability.  Membership of the panel is drawn from various sectors including fashion, carbon management, sustainable living and green charities.
We purchase 100% recycled paper and aim to reduce paper and other office waste as much as possible, with all used paper and cardboard either re-used or re-cycled.
Every effort is made to achieve energy efficiency in the office e.g. powering down/turning off equipment when not in use.
We will engage with suppliers who are commitment to sustainability.
Our team is encouraged to walk, cycle or to use public transport to travel to work. Where it is commercially necessary to fly on business, we make arrangements to offset the impact of those flights.



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