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Congratulations to our army of Bin Slimmers!

Today we’re celebrating the news that our campaign with Warwickshire County Council, called Slim Your Bin, has been nominated for a prestigious National Recycling Award!

What is ‘Slim Your Bin’?
This campaign launched in 2016 and encourages residents from across Warwickshire’s five Boroughs and Districts to reduce their waste and become ‘Bin Slimmers’.
The Slim Your Bin campaign delivers recycling guidance alongside the online platform and app; an ongoing communications campaign; gamification in the style of performance leader boards; competition between communities and individuals; and incentives in the form of community and individual rewards. This combination works to create ongoing momentum in the campaign and embed lasting positive change around household waste and recycling.
On a weekly basis 45% of members report they recycle everything they can, and other popular activities include food waste and textiles recycling. The initiative helps to raise awareness among residents, and provides practical advice and information on how to reduce household waste.

How successful has it been?
It is estimated that over 13,599kg of food waste has been diverted from rubbish to recycling through the programme. 45% of members are recycling every material possible (paper, card, tins, plastic, aerosols, foil and glass), diverting over 30% of materials from their rubbish bin and saving over 13,035kg of recyclable materials from disposal to-date. Based on reports to the ‘Junk Mail’ activity, at least 80,000 pieces of junk mail have been avoided. The consequent savings from reduced waste disposal costs ensure the campaign can be sustained financially. Additional funding has also been generated for local community projects, recognising and awarding the achievements of residents and raising the profile of recycling in the community.
Looking for ways to engage your residents?
We’ve been working with local authorities across the UK for almost a decade, helping them to engage their residents and create behaviour change. Whilst Slim Your Bin focuses on waste minimisation, we have delivered programmes with focuses on food waste reduction, increasing recycling, minimising contamination and much more.
Maya Comely
Communications & Project Coordinator
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