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Tis the season, to recycle!

We certainly don't want your recycling efforts so far to go to waste this Christmas (no pun intended!). With the UK creating 30 per cent more waste than usual, including two million turkeys and six million Christmas trees, there really is true cost to our festive luxuries.

Wrapping, decorations and packaging
Take wrapping paper for example – 227,000 miles is thrown away every year – that’s enough to cover Big Ben almost 260,000 times! Although a fun finishing touch to our festive presents, it is designed for single use only and is often made from plastic, foil and glitter so isn’t always recyclable. 
So give the 'scrunch test' a go - scrunch it in a ball and if it stays together then it can be recycled, if it bounces back then it can't! Watch out for glitter, tape and embellishments as these often make things non-recyclable. Even better, get creative and get reusing! Opt for brown paper and string, scraps of fabric, newspaper, magazine pages or reusable gift bags! Click here for some more inspiration on environmentally friendly wrapping.

Recycle your tree
When it comes to Christmas trees, did you know real ones are more sustainable than artificial? But please do make sure your tree is recycled so that it isn’t wasted! They can be turned into chippings for local parks and woodland areas - click here for more information on recycling your Christmas tree. Just remember to first remove all tinsel, decorations and any pots or stands. Prefer an artificial tree? Pop it back in it's box and keep it safe to reuse next year!
Your Christmas dinner - don’t bin it!
Looking forward to your Christmas day feast? Us too! That doesn't have to be the end for all that tasty grub though. Your Christmas leftovers can keep you going well into the New Year if you get creative and make best use of your freezer. Take a look at Jamie Olivers Christmas leftover recipes. Don't forget that much of your food waste (like vegetable peelings, tea bags and egg shells) can be recycled in your food caddy.
Make sure you reduce, reuse and recycle as much as you can over the festive season and have a lovely break!
Maya Comely
Communications & Project Coordinator
Local Green Points
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