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Drowning in packaging, and we want change!

Results from a recent survey into consumer attitudes towards packaging have just been released, and it shows there’s a growing demand for sustainable packaging. The survey was completed by over 7,000 people from different European countries, including the UK, France, and Spain, and shows an insight into our views on sustainable packaging, recycling, and other green related policies.

The survey highlights that people are demanding more eco-friendly alternatives to food packaging. The results show that the vast majority of British consumers want more information about the sustainability of packaging, with 9 in 10 British consumers wanting all packaging to be recyclable. 68% of UK shoppers said that their purchasing choices are influenced by packaging, with more people opting for cardboard over plastic packaging for the same product. These are significant results, and statistics like these should urge companies to modify their packaging in order to reduce their detrimental impact on the environment.
How can we help this packaging problem?
Firstly, we can all cut out unnecessary packaging from the get-go by choosing products with little or no packaging. For example, choose loose fruit and vegetables rather than pre-packaged.  Zero waste shops encourage you to fill your own containers and jars with unpackaged goods, from loose tea leaves, to pulses and grains, and even washing detergents and toiletries. Check out these great independent zero waste shops in the UK!
Realistically, it’s difficult to avoid packaging altogether. Reusing the packaging you do buy is a great way to give it a second (or third!) life. Try reusing boxes, wrapping, containers, bags and packets for something useful. Why not try using your finished margarine tubs for lunchboxes? Or make your old jam jars into pretty tea lights? For some reuse inspiration, check out these great ideas on repurposing food packaging.
And finally, when you’ve avoided excess packaging, and you’ve reused all you can, be sure to recycle packaging correctly, check the label and check your council’s waste and recycling information.
Here at Local Green Points, recycling is a big deal, and our schemes for local authorities reflect this. We encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as they can, and reward them for doing so. Whether it’s opting for zero waste products, reusing and upcycling old packaging or keeping up the recycling, the choice is ours. We can all keep up these small steps that contribute to a bigger positive impact.
Rachel Kidd
Customer Service Coordinator
Local Green Points
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