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Stay safe, stay green for Bonfire night

Bonfire night is quickly approaching, and now is the time to think about how your bonfire night activities can be more eco-conscious this year.

Bonfire fun
Bonfires are great for setting the atmosphere for a magical bonfire night. However, the smoke and noise pollution from bonfires and fireworks are a big issue. Some studies suggest that air pollution is highest on Bonfire night, with pollution levels being reportedly four times higher on Bonfire night than the year-round average.
If you do decide to have a bonfire, be sure to only burn dry natural materials, such as un-treated wood and garden waste. Avoid burning plastic, rubber, and other synthetic items, as these produce toxic pollutants that can harm your health and the environment. For more information about what is safe to burn and what to avoid, click here!
Instead of burning your plastics, which releases harmful chemicals into the environment, make sure you recycle your plastic waste - a much healthier and safer way to dispose of your plastic waste! And remember to log your recycling efforts to be rewarded with Green Points. What’s more, is that composting your garden waste makes for a great soil fertiliser, and is a great alternative to burning your green waste this bonfire night. For tips on composting, click here.
Eco-friendly fireworks
Traditional fireworks contain harmful chemicals to create those jaw dropping bright colours. Eco-friendly fireworks may be more expensive and hard to find, but they can be a great way to reduce your environmental impact this bonfire night. These newer, eco-friendly fireworks use compressed air rather than harmful chemicals to propel them into the air, which reduces the amount of harmful chemicals used in the fireworks. Dispose of your firework debris safely by following these steps, and be sure to recycle packaging by placing it in the correct waste disposal bin.
Visit a public display
Even better, why not join your neighbours in a public bonfire night event? Such events not only bring people together, but also minimises smoke and firework waste, and keeps noise pollution to one area. Reduce your environmental impact of fireworks displays and bonfires, and mingle with your community (and get to know your fellow recyclers!).
Have a happy, safe, and green bonfire night!
Rachel Kidd
Customer Service Coordinator
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