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Go Green for Green GB Week

Here at Team JUMP, we’re really excited about next week’s Green Great Britain (GB) Week, a landmark week to celebrate Clean Growth in the UK. That is, tackling global climate change whilst also boosting the UK's economy. Importantly, this will require significant carbon cuts to six key areas; transport, food and the countryside, technology, heating, energy and waste/recycling. 
Launching on the 15th October, Green GB Week will be showcasing the benefits of clean growth to all parts of society – from new jobs to cleaner air. Sustainability news provider edie have been at the heart of the action and have developed a virtual Mission Possible Pledge, where businesses can make sustainability commitments online. So far, 30 of the UK’s largest companies including John Lewis and Amazon have pledged to tackle climate change – HSBC have promised to invest £250m into green energy infrastructure and BT have pledged to become a net-zero-carbon business by 2045!
At Team JUMP, we encourage employees to boost sustainability at their institution, with the aim of promoting long-lasting behavioural change. Our engagement programmes adopt a bottom-up approach, empowering individuals to take positive actions such as energy saving measures, travelling sustainably and recycling. Whether you’re already a member of one of our JUMP programmes or not, we want you to get involved with Green GB Week!
The Government will be hosting a week of activities to celebrate Clean Growth, with a different theme and specific campaign objectives for each day;
Here are some ideas for how you could to promote Green GB Week at your workplace;

Monday 15th
• Help explain climate change science through an infographic or GIF
Tuesday 16th
• Promote businesses/enterprises that are conscious of their carbon emissions or have created low carbon innovations
Wednesday 17th
Thursday 18th
• Encourage local and national businesses to help tackle climate change by going plastic, fossil fuel or waste free –show there is demand for these services!
Friday 19th
• Promote community events that have been organised on this topic. You can see if there are any nearby here. Or, click here if you need ideas for hosting an event of your own!
• Hold a ‘Climate Change and Cake’ event to discuss ideas on how to tackle climate change locally. 
Join us and go green for #GreenGB Week!
To find out more about how our JUMP programmes promote sustainability, please send us an email to [email protected] or ring or ring us on 020 7326 5055.
Maya Comely
Communications & Project Coordinator


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