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Each and every products and experiences you can find in our shop is vetted and approved by an independent Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) of leading experts so you can be sure they're genuinely green.


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Eco Balls 150

Have you heard about Eco-wash balls, but aren't sure if they are for you?  Well here's an opportunity to try them at a lower cost.  Ecozone have launched Ecoballs 150.  They are the same system as the original Ecoballs, but just do less washes, hence the lower price. A brilliant opportunity to try them out!!

Ecoballs are a more natural alternative to conventional washing powders and are ideal for sensitive skins. Their scientifically formulated filling penetrates powerfully into fibres, lifting away dirt without fading colours or damaging delicate fabrics.

Just place the 2 Ecoballs amongst your washing and switch your machine on. They soften clothes even in hard water, so no conditioner is necessary and as they do not contain soap, you can also cut out the rinse cycle to save energy.

A pack of 2 balls includes an eco stain remover and they are reusable for up to 150 washes.

SAP says, sustainability advisory panel says"Water pollution is a major threat to wildlife and human health. The chemical detergents and cleaning products that we use in the home can often escape into the natural world, so reducing their use is a really great way to help."

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Scientifically tested and proven to:

  • Deliver a clean fresh alternative to conventional detergents
  • Eliminate the need for fabric softener
  • Light to carry
  • Easy to use and store
  • Stain remover power comparable to other leading Eco powders/laundry balls.
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Excellent cleaning
by Kelly Willmington - 29-12-2009
These eco balls are great for cleaning and remove stains better than my normal powder even tho they are cheaper. They are easy to use and last a long time. They don't have the flowery smells of normal washing powder/tablets/liquid but the washing comes out smelling clean. I am also allergic to a few brands of washing powder and find these don't bring me out in a rash. All items come out feeling soft too. These are cheap and good for the environment. hide
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