Reusable Kids Water Bottle 400ml

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This smart eco friendly folding bottle makes sure you stay hydrated all the time. This reusable kids water bottle folds neatly and is small enough to fit in your purse or even your pocket. It’s lightweight, easy to drink from, and features a comfortable snap carabiner.

Eco friendly, reusable and bpa free. Great for keeping a lunch bag cool, school, Sports, Gym, hiking or biking!

SAP says Sustainability advisory panel says"Every year millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away with terrible consequences for nature. The bottles take centuries to break down and end up literally everywhere - including in an island of floating plastic in the Pacific ocean that is larger in size than the United States of America! By buying these reusable bottles not only will you be saving the planet from more plastic waste, but you can go on to recycle it when you no longer need it."


SAP approved
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23/04/2016 13:05

Perfect for children, my daughter was very happy when received.

- Elzbieta Lojko-=Brozyna
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