Luxury Chocolate - Story Of Cacao

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Let nature tempt you, to discover fine fruit flavours. 4 bars of luxury organic chocolate! From....

  • Beni Savannah in the Bolvian Amazon.
  • Pacific Rainforest, Esmeraldas Ecuador
  • Piura River Valley, Peruvian Andes
  • Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo DR

Original Beans is an award-winning chocolate and conservation company that offers one of the world’s finest chocolates to protect biodiversity and rainforests. With each bar you buy, local farmers plant one tree to support their families and the rainforest. 

SAP says, sustainability advisory panel says"Original Beans have outstanding environmental credentials - second to none. Not only do they consider the environmental implications of cacao harvesting but they also invest a huge amount in helping communities to boost the livelihoods of locals in the regions. In more ways than one - worth every penny."


SAP approved
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14/11/2014 17:49
What a Great Way to spend your Green Points you have earned over the past months. The time has come for you to reward yourself with this Tasty Treat. A splendid way to enjoy your Green Points with this Tasty Bar of Exclusive chocolate. To be enjoyed by all Chocolate lovers. Green Points and Cash, can be used to enjoy and share this tasty Treat when spending an evening in watching a Film.
- michael perryment
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