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Each and every products and experiences you can find in our shop is vetted and approved by an independent Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) of leading experts so you can be sure they're genuinely green.


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Brushed Steel H2Onya 1000ml Bottle

Drinking water every day is essential for a healthy lifestyle but buying water can be expensive and the bottles often end up in landfill sites. So Onya has introduced a new stainless steel drinks bottle which is 100% BPA free. A great way to ensure you’re drinking enough without the price tag and plastic waste!

SAP says, sustainability advisory panel says"Every year millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away with terrible consequences for nature. The bottles take centuries to break down and end up literally everywhere - including in an island of floating plastic in the Pacific ocean that is larger in size than the United States of America! By buying these reusable bottles not only will you be saving the planet from more plastic waste, but you can go on to recycle it when you no longer need it."


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