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Each and every products and experiences you can find in our shop is vetted and approved by an independent Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) of leading experts so you can be sure they're genuinely green.


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Torqeedo Electric Motor Ultralight 403

The ultralight 403 is a kayak engine with an integrated LIMA high-performance lithium battery which weighs only 7 kg including the battery and has a propulsive power comparable to a 1 horsepower petrol outboard. This engine is ideal for adding range to a kayak tour or allowing you to manoeuvre more skilfully while fishing. The Ultralight 403 can be mounted on most rigid hull kayaks and can either be steered with the paddle or through connecting it with the steering system of the boat.

The charge time from completely flat is about 8 hours. This system comes with a remote throttle display panel which shows you the battery charge status, the remaining range at the current speed and current power consumption. With a low throttle range of 25 km and a run time of 6 hours you could really add some distance onto your kayak tour.

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SAP says, sustainability advisory panel says"Want to enjoy the natural world without polluting it? Electric outboard motors will help a great deal by generating no pollution at the point of use."

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With a consistent design orientation towards overall efficiency and propulsive power Torqeedo build the most energy efficient outboard motors on the market. Their lithium based battery system is a more powerful energy carrier and is able to store a larger amount of energy per square kilogram of weight making it more energy efficient. Lithium batteries are cyclically stable and hold their charge even when stored for months in contrast to more conventional lead. The unique efficiency of the Torqeedo has been confirmed by Postsdam Model Basin test laboratory (SVA Potsdam). All models are available in either short or long shaft design and are fully rechargeable over night.

Click HERE for complete technical information including video examples.  


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