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Each and every products and experiences you can find in our shop is vetted and approved by an independent Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) of leading experts so you can be sure they're genuinely green.


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Have you started to worry about just how hot our world is going to get and whether you can do anything about it? Author George Monbiot is the man to show you how.

As the effect of climate change grows by the day, so does the amount of hot air and bluster spouted by politicians and businessmen on what we should do about it.

What with the excuses, the lies, the fudged figures, the PR and misinformation on everything from wind turbines to carbon trading, when it comes to saving the world, most people do not know what they are talking about.

Luckily for us George Monbiot does. This paperback is packed with killer facts and inspiring ideas, shot through with passion and underlined by brilliant investigative journalism. Buy  a copy of Heat and you really can learn how to reduce energy, live more sustainably and ultimately protect the planet.

A great way to use your Green Rewards eco gift vouchers!

SAP says, Sustainability Advisory Panel "Global warming means the world is heating up but how quickly and what can we do about it? We like this book because it explains about climate change. It also provides inspiration and ideas for what we, as individuals, can do to live in a way that limits further damage to the planet." 

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