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Yellow Advertiser 14/08/2017

Food Waste Challenge' aims to save Havering households money and promote sustainability

RESIDENTS are to receive advice on optimum fridge-freezer temperatures and efficient bread storage to minimise food waste.

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Romford Recorder 11/08/2017

Families challenged to reduce food waste

The Havering Council challenge runs alongside London Green Points – Havering, a recycling reward scheme which has been running since 2014.

With around 40 per cent of black sack waste in Havering being made up of food waste, the idea is to reduce waste produced and teach households how they could save money.

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Recycling & Waste World 09/08/2017

London Borough of Havering launches food waste challenge

Residents in the London Borough of Havering are being encouraged to waste less food by taking part in a new digital scheme.

By interacting with an online platform, residents will be given information about five food waste themes: storing food correctly, understanding date labels, portion control, planning meals and making use of leftovers.

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Press Release 08/08/2017

London Borough of Havering launches Food Waste Challenge to all households

8th August 2017
The London Borough of Havering has launched a new challenge to help residents waste less food and save themselves money. The challenge runs alongside London Green Points – Havering, a recycling reward scheme which has been running in the Borough since January 2014. The challenge was launched at Romford Market and was attended by Cllr Osman Dervish. 
The Food Waste Challenge will provide Havering Council with a cutting-edge approach to tackling household food waste, by engaging residents in more sustainable behaviours. With around 40% of black sack waste in Havering being made up of food waste, the challenge is designed to reduce waste produced and teach households how they could save themselves money. 
The challenge will last five months, with residents interacti
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Employee Benefits 03/08/2017

Bournemouth University to roll out sustainability and wellbeing scheme

Bournemouth University is to roll out a sustainability and wellbeing programme to all of its 2,000 employees following a six-month pilot programme.

The Jump programme, provided by Green Rewards, will be available to all employees from January 2018. The roll out across the organisation follows a pilot scheme that was open to approximately 450 employees across four different university departments.

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03Aug 03/08/2017

Bournemouth University expands behaviour change initiative following cuts to energy consumption 

Bournemouth University is rolling out a sustainability and wellbeing employee engagement initiative to all of its 2,000 employees, after a six-month pilot of the programme helped to reduce energy consumption in select departments by 14.6%.

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Press Release 02/08/2017

Press Release

2nd August 2017

Bournemouth University will roll out JUMP programme to engage all 2,000 employees in positive environmental and health behaviours 

After a successful six month pilot, Bournemouth University is set to roll out its sustainability and wellbeing engagement programme, known as JUMP, to all 2,000 of its employees.

The JUMP programme, operated by award-winning engagement company Green Rewards, works by rewarding employees with points and prizes for positive sustainable behaviour changes. Four departments at Bournemouth University were invited to take part in the JUMP pilot. As well as earning individual prizes, employees competed in teams for the top prize of a £100 donation to benefit a local charity project.

A third of its target audienc

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EAUC 02/08/2017

University of Winchester to launch new sustainability and wellbeing behaviour change scheme

The University of Winchester will be launching the JUMP behaviour change programme in September this year.

Winchester is the latest university to implement the JUMP programme, joining Swansea University, Bournemouth University, the University of Chichester and Brunel University. The programme has a proven track record of helping universities achieve their sustainability and wellbeing goals.

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Stratford-Upon-Avon Herald 02/08/2017

Warwick recyclers provide boost to charity

Parkinsons UK has been awarded a £650 donation thanks to the efforts of recyclers in Warwick.

The money has come from Warwickshire County Council’s Slim Your Bin campaign, which encourages households to recycle more and throw away less.

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Let's Recycle 31/07/2017

Comic Competition winners announced

West Norfolk Recycling Rewards has announced the winners of its Recycling Comic Competition for primary school pupils in the borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

The competition, run by West Norfolk Recycling Rewards and the borough council of King’s Lynn, was open to all Year 5 students, who were asked to design an engaging comic strip to encourage their neighbours to recycle correctly.

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