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Bring your dog to work day – the benefits of having a furry friend by your side in the office

Who let the dogs out?

This Friday 23rd June is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, providing the opportunity for pet lovers all over the UK to bring their canine friends to work with them. The day raises awareness for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs. This year the charities being supported are All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.
Now I don’t know about you, but when I heard about the initiative, I started picturing all kinds of chaos – dogs chewing on project proposals, drooling on keyboards, play fighting during meetings and devouring the office snacks. But it turns out that the reality is far from it.
Not only are most office pets well behaved (sleeping for most of the day) – they are also a valuable asset to the office and greatly improve office wellbeing. In fact, pets in the workplace are proven to lift mood, lower stress and improve productivity.
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We’ve launched our new Food Waste Challenge!

You breader believe it! The Food Waste challenge is launching and rolling out across three London Boroughs this month – Havering, Kingston and Waltham Forest. Now you might think “that’s a bit munch”, “wheat’s in it for me?”, “I don’t carrot all”, or “I donut want to get involved”, but we think it’s incredibly eggciting and we’re looking forward to seeing some fantastic results in food waste reduction.

But  - puns aside -  food waste is a chronic issue in the UK, with 1 in 3 of us throwing away a banana with a minor bruise or black mark on the skin and households throwing away 40% of the bagged salad they buy every year. WRAP estimates that 4.2 tonnes of perishable food is wasted or lost each year – that’s as much as £700 a family.

Most of this waste stems from our mind-set when it comes to food. While it’s tempting to blame supermarkets, research h
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Why we went to a rave before work - and other outside the box wellbeing ideas

If you haven’t heard of the rise of the ‘conscious clubbing’ culture, it’s time to get your head around the idea of sober, early morning raves. Yes you heard us, these morning parties, coined as the ‘healthy way to enjoy a party without drugs or alcohol’ have been taking off in recent years. Morning Gloryville are just one team hosting early morning raves across London to wake you up before work – and when they came to our neck of the woods to celebrate their 4th Birthday we couldn’t resist.

While most of us were struggling to get out of bed last Thursday, a couple of members from the JUMP team joined over 1,000 other party goers at the Morning Gloryville birthday bash on a rooftop beach in Brixton.

We arrived at 7am and were perked up with glitter, coffee, healthy shakes and Rawsome vegan snacks. As we made our way onto the dancefloor (in this case a sandy beach) we found yoga classes, massage angels and a welcome te
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Sick of Soggy Salad leaves? – We’ve come up with a great alternative

This week it emerged that UK consumers throw away 40% of the bagged salad they buy every year. That is 37,000 tonnes, the equivalent of 178million bags, going uneaten every year. Mind boggling figures.

But really when you think about it – this news is unsurprising. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t lost many a salad bag to a soggy fate at the back of the fridge and ultimately the bin. Many of us have good intentions to eat salad with every meal, but end up wasting it instead.

It turns out there is a simple, delicious solution (that I have tried and tested myself) – make and store a massive salad that will stay fresh and crisp all week long. If you have a busy lifestyle and not much time for cooking, this 10 minute salad preparation will save you money and time preparing meals and make you much more likely to actually eat the salad.

How to make a delicious salad that lasts all week  
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5 Ways to Improve Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing at Work

On average, we spend at least 50% of our waking hours at work. But are we really awake? A lot of us sit at our desks for so long that our body starts to shut itself off, leading to physical and emotional fatigue as well as the daily post-lunch battle to keep your eyelids open. The good news is we can take positive steps to try and counteract this tiredness!

Here are some daily actions that can contribute to a happier, more fulfilled work life:
Don’t sit still for too long
I had a teacher at school who, if she saw the slightest hint of a yawn, would make you stand up and do 10 star jumps in front of the whole class. As humiliating as this was, it actually worked. I would be more alert and focused for the rest of the class. NHS advice tells us that when you sit down for a long period of time, certain parts of your body start to shut down. Less blood and oxygen get to your brain, which leads to lower
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Rubbish Recycling Tips – Were you misinformed by the media this week about what you can and can’t recycle?

 This week, whisky lovers and cleaning fanatics were left questioning their shopping habits, from the news that the elaborate packaging on these products makes them are “a nightmare” to recycle. As well as cleaning spray bottles with a metal spring and whisky bottle packaging, Pringles tubes and Lucozade Sports bottles were singled out by The Recycling Association as “villains” of the recycling world.

This advice, however, was somewhat misleading. As several councils were quick to reply, items such as Lucozade bottles, Whisky bottles and cleaning spray bottles can actually be recycled.

What’s more, we shouldn’t be aiming to demotivate people from engaging in sustainable behaviours. A video on the BBC’s website started with the line: “Did you know… that
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Food Waste is Driving the Nation Bananas

This week we’ve had bananas on the brain, as newspapers published shocking figures on the number of bananas wasted for cosmetic reasons. It was reported that in the UK we throw away 1.4 million perfectly edible bananas every day. Reasons such as bruises and black marks were cited as putting consumers off tucking into the nation’s fourth favourite fruit. This is not only a food waste nightmare, it’s also a costly operation, with £80m worth discarded every year. The scandal has prompted outraged responses across social media and Sainsburys has responded by launching a “banana rescue” station, where it expects to save 1,000 bananas from the trial alone.
What is it about bananas? While many of us are happy to embrace a bruised banana, a third of consumers will discard a banana with a minor bruise or black mark on the skin. But bananas are just as delicious when they are bruised and there are lots of fantastic ways to p
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RBS shortlisted for prestigious BusinessGreen Leaders Award

This month we’re proud to announce that our JUMP scheme at RBS has been shortlisted for a BusinessGreen Leaders Award, in the Employee Engagement Campaign of the Year category. Following a successful pilot and roll out of JUMP across 1,700 workplace locations in the UK and Ireland, RBS have been recognised for their use of JUMP as a platform to engage employees in sustainable work place culture.
The JUMP behaviour change programme at RBS uses custom made, online modules to inform staff and reward them for implementing sustainable behaviours. Modules cover topics such as water saving, energy saving and sustainable travel. Since implementation at RBS, JUMP has led to a 5% average electricity reduction at pilot locations, 500,000 disposable cups being saved and RBS expects to save £3million in 2017 in energy alone. 
The BusinessGreen awards ceremony celebrates the considerable progress UK green businesses
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Increasing sustainable travel with JUMP

Commuting is, for most of us, an essential part of our work lives but something we tend not to spend too much time thinking about.

Changing your commute is something you can do gradually but that will make a big difference to your carbon footprint. JUMP encourages your employees to start thinking about how their travel impacts the environment and how they can change their habits to reduce their impact on the Earth.
And it’s not just about environmental benefits! All JUMP employees get rewarded for the efforts they make to make their commutes more sustainable, whether that's swapping their car for the bus, cycling instead of a taxi or even working from home where possible. 
Some of our clients also reward their employees for car sharing and the use of video and teleconferencing facilities which reduce the need for travel. 
Our employee benefits come in the form of po
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Is there money in your rubbish?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so the saying goes. An article recently published by Money Saving Expert suggests there could be some truth in this. 

Thrifty householders have been making money selling on their household waste, with toilet roll tubes, jam jars and coat hangers proving to be in high demand with those doing arts and crafts. 
If you’re thinking of flogging your rubbish, you’ll need to head to eBay to find your customers. Perfume bottles have been going for the highest price, of up to £8 a pop, while toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes sell for 10-16p per item.
You’d better be prepared to collect your rubbish in bulk though, because it’s bundles of items that are selling. Over a 3 month period, the top rubbish sales on eBay included 492 bundles of coat hangers and 420 bundles of wine corks. Even 36 bundles of mil
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